Questions about 1.3.38 new features and fixes

I read the change log for the latest version, 1.3.38, and am curious about these:

  • OSDVideo: fix exceptions
  • FlightData: add tlog playback shortcuts (space/+/-) #502
  • Log: reject large spikes in log files

In particular, on the playback shortcuts, I see that space bar now pauses and resumes playback, which is great. I can’t seem to figure out any combination of + or - that either jump forward or back, or speed up or slow down playback. Am I off in left field on what the shortcuts are and how to use them?

Regarding large spike rejection, I look forward to seeing that in action. There have been a number of cases in graphing my dataflash log files where bogus data way out of range kills the default scaling.

Looking forward to trying the OSD Video feature shortly.


the + and - change speed. if you have the tlog playback screen open you can see the value change

Using MP 1.3.38, I see the space bar works to pause and resume tlog playback, but no combination of + or - or shift or ctrl variants of those makes any difference on my Windows 7 environment. I tried putting the cursor in the 3 different MP windows, but no joy either. What am I doing wrong?