Question when restoring parameter backup

When restoring a parameter backup previously saved, do you need to redo:

  1. Accel calibration?
  2. Compass calibration?
  3. Radio calibration?

If you use mavproxy you can use forcecal to avoid the first 2. 3. is not necessary

Thanks Andy. So if you use mission planner to restore the backup, you have to redo 1, 2 and 3? Lucky I ask cause I was only doing 1 and 2 in the past.

If you have a param file you wish to restore, or extract one from a .bin log file, use a text editor to strip out all the things that are unnecessary to restore and just keep all the tuning parameters you would have modified.

With this step, I assume we still need to redo 1, 2 and 3?

Yes, If they are not done already, like a new build or total reset.
If you are just restoring some tuning params to the same copter then you wouldnt need to.

I also meant to say, if you restore any ENABLE parameters, you have to load the parameter file twice to reinstate all the additional params that appear when you enable some feature.

Yes. Good point. Will the Refresh Params button do the same thing to reinstate all the additional params that appear when you enable some feature?

Just hitting refresh wont make the desired params actually get written to the FC, but you can refresh just to see they are all there ready and waiting to have the restored values written into them.
You still have to load the param file again to restore those “enabled” parameters to their desired values.

Also you can always use Compare to check what the flight controller has (or is loaded into MissionPlanner) against what is saved in a param file.

And of course Write to the flight controller.