Question: what would happen if GPS signal is lost?

I was wandering what would happen if the GPS signal is lost while I fly in loiter?



It depends on the vehicle and on the failsafe action you select.
But generally, the vehicle will try to stop or land, maybe plane circle (I am not used to plane).

Hi @khancyr,
Thank you. I have a Quadcopter, and failsafe is rtl and land, so basically if I understand you correctly, I need to be aware of that and take control of the quad? Or it might land at sea?

Whatever you have FS_EFK_ACTION set for. Default is Land. You could set it to Alt Hold if that made more sense but it will drift away with the wind.

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Thank you @dkemxr

Makes sense, lately in my area there’s seems to be a lot of unexplained GPS signals disappear, which never happened before so I wanted to be prepared.

This often occurs because of signals being reflected off walls or buildings back to the gps. If this is possible where you are testing or flying, try finding a wide open area or field, and see if that makes a difference.

Good luck!

Thank you. It actually never happened to me and I hope it will never will. Nevertheless, I read somewhere that in my area there might be gps signal jamming by unknowns.
Just want to be prepared.

So, this happened to me once where all sats were gone for a second in here2 GNSS. Still haven’t found what was the problem. But it was a fly-away until ekf error built up and switched it to land.

Thank you @Mallikarjun_SE