Question to David Boulanger

I think You have solved my steering problem with boat powered by two engins. With APM 2.8 while in manual mode it turns right while I try to move straight . Let me quote what I found in one of your advises: " I have counter rotating thrusters also but I chose to switch wire on one of the ESC’s so that the PWM OUT is high on both to go forward and low to go in reverse. I think it makes it easier ready my logs. At least for me. It’s only a difference of 28 between the 2 thrusters so that doesn’t sound really bad and I don’t think 2 thrusters would ever be the exact same" What I don’t understand is how to switch one ESC wire in output of APM 2.8. Middle pin is +5V (this is not to be changed), first out is Ground, third is signal. Have you changed these Groun/Signal ESC for eg. RC3 and this didn’t burn APM? Then obviously in param I change RC3 0/1 to get forward movement of boat by both thrusters moving alomoust the same PWM.

I really don’t remember. That was a long time ago.

I think he meant switch wires from ESC to the motors. Switching any 2 wires reverses the direction for a brushless motor. I don’t think you can switch wires from APM to ESC to get this effect.