Question regarding takeoff mode / arm switch relation

Hi, I’m configuring takeoff mode to try it out for the first time. While doing that I was wondering what the state of my arm switch should be while using it.

If I launch with takeoff mode and the plane arms itself, my arm switch would be set to off during flight. To disarm after landing or in case of emergency, I would have to toggle it on, then off. But I’m not sure what would happen in this case, as the plane receives a second arm command in flight first?

On the other hand, what would happen if I arm via switch, before or after entering AUTO for the launch, and the plane would also receive a second arm command while already armed, this time by takeoff mode? Would the procedure still work?


i think you‘re assuming takeoff to automatically issue an arm command, which it does not, no matter if used as a standalone flightmode or as a mission command.

Err, yes I was indeed. I thought I had read something about setting the minimum acceleration threshold value to prevent the motor from starting too early while only walking around with the plane before throwing it. I think from that I - apparently wrongly - assumed the plane is “hot” once in AUTO mode, as I personally wouldn’t walk around with an armed plane if I can avoid it. :wink: Ok thanks, I’ll just read it again…

Hmm, I just looked at it again and actually I’m still confused:

This is the number of acceleration events to require for arming with TKOFF_THR_MINACC. The default is 1, which means a single forward acceleration above TKOFF_THR_MINACC will arm.

So I still wonder what the position of my arm switch should be prior to throwing the plane?