Question on power module


I use a Pixhawk 2.1 with Power mini Brick.

I have a question maybe stupid, but is it possible to have a “low battery alert” only on the voltage, without use current ?

I had do a few tests but it does not work.

Have a read of the Wiki here
It should explain all.

Thank you,

But before asking the question on the forum, I did research and tests.

I already look at the wiki and it does not answer my problem

Check parameter BATT_MONITOR
Set to 3 for voltage only or 4 for voltage and current

You can also set BATT_CAPACITY and BATT_LOW_MAH to 0

You can set Mission Planner to alert you verbally when your battery is low.

Check the MP Alert on Low Battery checkbox and enter the warning you wish to hear, the voltage level and finally the percentage of remaining current.( in this case 0)
Set battery failsafe to do nothing. Pixhawk’s buzzer will sound.

Ok, great !

thank you for your answers, I will test this.