Question on auto flip mode

I built a tri copter for a friend with an APM 2.5 running ver 3.2 firmware.
As he finally upgraded his transmitter I was able to give him a few more bells and whistles and thought adding auto flip on ch7 would keep him entertained.

Ch7 is going high (1850 from memory) but every time we tried to flip nothing happened, after checking the log every time we tried it the log recorded an error for flight_mode-14 which I understand is the flight mode for the auto flip.

Is there some procedure that needs to be done to get the auto flip to work? we were only using PosHold at the time so does auto flip only work in specific flight modes?

I can’t post any logs as I don’t have them, but any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

You need to be in ACRO, STABILIZE or ALT_HOLD mode to initiate a flip (at least in v3.2.1).

/Jens W.

Thought that might be the case.
Thanks for the confirmation though, much appreciated.