Question: how to get rid of RC controller?

I am new to this.
I have x9d+, it is big.
could we just use our phone to control the pixhawk and get rid of the rc controller?
I know tower app, but it does not have a joystick.

anyone know how, and what app?
any DIY project like this?


With QgroundControl you can have virtual joystick. But real Rc joystick are much better that gamepad and phone screen. You can have switch button and the feelling of real joystick and button is much better than virtual ones.

Are you nuts?

It’s obvious you are new at all of this and you’re looking for an easy way out so you can get immediate gratification. Ain’t gonna happen.

The truth of the matter is, before you can even begin to think about using a ground control station to control the aircraft you MUST FLIGHT TEST THE AIRCRAFT AND PROVE THAT IT IS SAFE TO FLY, AND TO DO THIS YOU MUST USE YOUR TARANIS.

We’re not playing Call of Duty on an Xbox here, this is the real deal, and if you screw up people can get hurt…

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Please be polite and respecfull.
Yes, rc radio are highly recommanded for starter but we aren’t doing all the same thing with our drone. I personnaly never used a rc radio and flight plenty time…

I (politely and respectfully) agree with @OldGazer. If you are a new flyer, as indicated in the initial post:

then I agree you MUST flight-test the aircraft in manual mode, with a standard transmitter, to verify flight-worthiness before attempting any other type of control approach.

I never said we were all doing the same thing.

However, to just pat a beginner on the head and say, “You go right ahead, you’ll be fine,” is lazy, negligent, and disingenuous.

I am a firm believer in SAFELY doing EVERYTHING, because “Safety is NO accident.” If I see that someone is going to do something that is unsafe I will be neither polite nor respectful because I’d rather have them mad and alive than cold and dead.

This isn’t about being polite or politically correct. This is about keeping some one from doing something DANGEROUS and placing him self and others at risk, and in this case saying “NO” in the strongest terms possible is warranted.

What really tightens my jaws are the “experts” who have supposedly done every thing, seen every thing, and heard every thing, but when someone is about to place himself and/or others in jeopardy, all of a sudden they become deaf, blind, and stupid because someone’s feelings might get hurt.

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I don’t see why using a RC joystick is safer that a joystick with numerical (rc override or other) command ? both use joystick input. And rc joystick are complex and prone to error in config. Moreover having your drone doing fine in manual doesn’t means that auto will be fine …
Even if somebody is going to make a mistake you don’t have insult him or yell at him. Teach him. Even more on a 1 month subject …

So I won’t make a debat here real rc usefullness, it was just about civism. But maybe it is just because I am stupid

I’ve been building and flying model aircraft for well over 50 years. I started with control line airplanes when I was in my teens. I moved up the ladder to RC planes and helicopters, and for the last several years I have been building multi-rotor aircraft.

In all of that time I have yet to take any aircraft that I have built straight from the bench and have it fly perfectly. And I seriously doubt that anyone else has either. This is exactly why a focused flight testing program is a critical necessity.

You can sugar coat it all you want to, but the fact remains that taking a fresh build and trying to fly it with a unproven non-traditional control system is inherently unsafe, and encouraging a beginner to do so borders on reckless indifference and negligence.

As a case in point, I recently installed a 3 axis gimbal with a STorM32 controller on a stretched Tarot 650 Sport with a Pixhawk.

Prior to installing the gimbal I had done my normal flight testing using my Taranis X9E. After I got the “bugs” killed I tested the aircraft with a GCS laptop running Mission Planner. After that testing was completed I installed the gimbal and I re-tested the aircraft to verify gimbal RC input functionality using the Taranis. When that testing was completed I tried to connect the aircraft to the GSC and it failed… For some reason 915mHz telemetry was down…

After some research I learned that the gimbal controller is known to cause RFI on the 433mHz and 915Mhz bands.

The upshot of this is, had I not followed my normal testing protocols and taken off under RC control and then switched to GCS control, the aircraft would have crashed.

So then I ask you, if someone with my level of experience can fall victim to this type of problem, how likely is it that a rank beginner can successfully build an aircraft and a one off control system that functions perfectly the first time out? There are only 2 answers: Slim and none.

What surprises me is that I am the only one who sounded the alarm and to make matters worse the only thing you seem to be concerned about is not hurting someone’s feelings…

And, just to make things crystal clear, I never said that using an alternate control method was inherently unsafe. What i said was that trying to use an untested control system to fly an aircraft that had not been flight tested with a traditional RC radio system IS inherently unsafe.

Thank you all, and sorry for causing any argument.

I found what I am looking for (using ESP8266)