Question about the motor spacing When making VTOL

Summary :
The motor (920kV) interval of the quad copter is 500 mm x 650mm. Is it possible to fly stably?
This process is to check before making VTOL.

I want to test whether it is can fly like a quad copter Before creating VTOL.
Use 9.5 inch propellers and four 920kV motors.
Motors are arranged in a rectangular edge of 500mm x 650mm size.
Can this fly stably?
(rolling, pitching, yawing and hovering)

Sure, I don’t see why not. Depending on the airframe you use, you may adjust your dimensions to consider CG, prop and structure clearances, etc. One of my first conversions was a Ranger EX at 420x800 following an existing build. In hindsight and gained experience, I could’ve definitely gotten away with a shorter boom.

Your dimensions should work well with a 2m or so wing design. My RVJet conversion was 460x720 to clear the 13" pusher prop and vertical fins.

Good luck.