Question about the mavlinks commands

I am developing a drone project using the latest beta. I want to develop python scripts using dronekit to control my drone, a crop spraying drone.

I few months ago I asked about how to use the mavlink messages to control the spraying action, If I needed to control as a servo,because there was no mavlink message about spraying here:

Amilcar Lucas then said they were in the process to adding this control, and sent me this link

In the link above, there is a mavlink message, MAV_CMD_DO_SPRAYER.

Now today, I went to check if the process of adding the function was complete, and searched in the list of mavlink commands copter accepts, and that message was not listed there. When I searched for that command, it lead me here

Basically, my question, what is the list of mavlink messages/commands copter currently accepts? It seems like the one from the wiki does not possess all the possible messages/commands