Question about strange behavior after changing GPS

Hello, I’m flying 3.2.1. My hex has a 3DR pixhawk installed. Accomplished dozens of flights with no problems. Then I replaced a 3DR LEA6H with a M8N. After the switch, the behavior of the hex changed:

If I fly in a GPS controlled mode (Pos-Hold) and fly forward 20 meters or so, using pitch control, when I center the pitch control the hex stops, as it should. Where it used to remain where it stopped, it now immediately [color=#0040BF]drifts to the left[/color] for approx 2 meters. Then, if I reverse the action - return using the pitch control and then stop, the hex then [color=#0040BF]drifts to the right[/color] for 2 meters.

This never happened until I changed GPSs. I’m sure this is a noobie question, but can someone tell me what could be causing this?


Check your waypoint radius.

M8N works very well for me.