Question about setting altitude

I just started using Qgroundcontrol and I am really liking it. But I had a question around the “Takeoff” function. Is there some way of defining what the altitude is that it climbs to. Right now it appears to climb to around 10 meters or so. Is there some setting that controls that height.

Just curious.

I don’t know what code you are using but yes there is. At one time it was called something like PILOT_TKOFF_ALT or close. it may be called something else know I just can’t find my latest parameters for the latest code I’m using

That is controlled by a parameter


Awesome thanks guys.
Will have a look.


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Strange I checked the value and it’s 0


Is that correct. This tells me the take off is to zero height

If the value is 0 QGC uses it’s own default for takeoff height. If the value is non-zero QGC will respect that value instead.

Thanks Don so I am back to my original question then. Where in qGroundcontrol is that variable. If it even exists as a user definable one.
I recognize that I can set this variable myself PILOT_TKOFF_ALT but was curious if it existed in qGroundcontrol somewhere.


Is it not user changable and is set to 10 meters.

Thats what I thought…Thanks Man. I very much appreciate your assistance.