Question about RC OUT

I have a X8 coaxial with sunnysky 3508 700kv motors and 13×5,5 on the top and 12×5,5 on the bottom

I want to check the difference at RC Out PWM

I see at my logs that there is RC OUT 1 RC OUT 2 etc

What are the front left motors RC OUT ?

Is it like in this picture ch2 and ch5 ??

Yes. BTW there’s a good discussion of coaxial setups and efficiency in section 4.4 of this paper, especially influence of disk loading if you haven’t seen it or are interested:

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Thank you olivier

Thank you for the link , i have read again simmilar posts

I m in a search of a 13×4.7 or a 14 ×4.5 prop

After my first successful flight i just change the setup of the props too have more knowledge wgat is going on

What i found

With 13×5.5 on the top and 12×5.5 the copter is very quite
The motors are cold and for hover it get 40A to 43Α

With 12×5.5 on the top and 13×5.5 on bottom the copter is very loud
The motors are again cold and it draw the same Amp for hover 40 to 43

At my logs i see a difference about 150 pwm

Now i m going to check 13×5.5 on all motors

Well i did a test with all props 13×5.5

Hover need 36Α to 40A and again it was quite

When i have one kilo of extra weight it needs 55A to 60A to hover
But if i travel for 13km per hour it also need 55A to 60A

It has very good stabillity in flight

I think this motors are too much for a coaxial setup