Question about Position innovation EKF3 / EKF lane switch

Hi all,

Since few days I often encoutered Critical EKF lane switch. I’ve looked in my log and I found something strange about Position Innovation NE/DOWN, for exemple here

or here

This is strange I have a big delta between the curves, it’s look like I have always a “big” difference between XKF3[0] and XKF3[1] is it normal? I used an external GY271 compass. is it normal to have such a gap between lane 0 and lane 1 ?

Bin file

Maybe I’m wrong, I’m beginner in log interpretations but I’d like understand what happened

I also quite often get an EKF3 lane switch. Is this a problem, or can it just be ignored? It was quite turbulent and gusty during this flight, but AC did a good job in stabilizing the aircraft.
Hexa, CubeBlack, AC4.1.3, Here2 CAN GNSS

Log file

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ive seen it too, as an incidental finding only…seems to have no effect