Question about motor testing

I just replaced my 2216 920 kv motors on my quad with some 4114 330kv motors. I redid the esc calibrating using the pixhawk just in case.

First question. So I plug in battery wait for flight controller. Depress red safety button hear escs beep. Yaw right to arm get the tone. I have the motor spin at arm disabled. So I go to throttle up motors start increase throttle and can hear the motors increasing in speed up to about 50-60% throttle range. No change in sound or pitch amp draw after that point. I am doing all this with propeller off if that effects anything. I was thinking is could but wanted to make sure.

Second question. I am using Afro 30a opto ESC with blheli flashed. So it supports oneshot125. Anyway. If I set MOT_PWM_TYPE to 2 reboot and then try and throttle up my motors either one will spin or they wont spin at all. I dont get the arming beep either when pressing the safety switch. If I wait a minute or two I might get a arming beep from one or two motors. but never all of them. What is going on here?

We will need a data flash .bin file please to be able to see what is happening, otherwise it’s just guess work.

For instance, you have gone 920kv motors to 330kv motors but you said nothing about the batteries you are using.
I would assume you have gone from 3S to 6S batteries but a glance at the .bin file would confirm that.
Have you changed batteries?

Yes I have I am running 2 LiHV 5200mah in series right now until I can get a proper 6s battery. I have not even put props on it yet. I am new to APM and Pixhawk and mission planner. I came from Librepilot. My understanding is that to get a dataflash .bin file I have to arm and fly the quad correct?

I did go ahead and update my escs from 14.4 to 14.8. I also upped my demag compensation as well.

2016-12-16 14-55-37.bin (944.0 KB)

I think this is what you are asking for. after flasing esc with new firmware. I got 3 motors that armed correctly. The very last motor took 15 seconds before it armed. the other 3 were spinning just fine when the 4th armed.

also motors spin up just fine in esc calibration mode.

OK so here is a little update for you guys. In non oneshot mode. I have motors that are getting hot. In ESC calibration mode I can turn them up full throttle and they do not get hot at all. I cannot get Oneshot to work properly at this point motor arming is not in sync. Also in non oneshot when I throttle up the quad vibrates very violently. I do have a very heavy object running through the landing gear holding it to the floor so I can do this testing.

i had an issue in librepilot where after I rewound my 920 kv motors to effectively drop the kv my PIDS were to high and it cause motor overheating. So I am going to try erasing everything. Like Im gonna flash plane then reflash copter. Do the setup all over again and see what happens.

You mentioned you rewound your motors?
What are their specs now?
Are you running the same props?

So what your saying is that using one shot the motors run fine but running normal mode the motors get hot?
Wouldn’t this mean the timing in the ESC’s now off since you have changed the motor windings?

I did rewind my original motors. But I replaced them after a crash that left one of them damaged. The replacement motors were 4114 330kv motors with the built in folding prop adapter.

Sorry sometime the way I type things out can be a bit confusing.

I have not been able to get oneshot mode working. I am using 15x5.2 folding props My motors do not arm properly. So I have been using the standard protocol. When I am in ESC calibration mode at the end of the calibration where you can throttle up to check everwything and the motors spin. Motors work great with no issue until about 50% throttle where I start having a motor slow down… They sound good and dont get hot I dont get alot of vibrations either.

Once reboot the pixhawk and wait for the prearming checks to be completed then arm the quad the motors do not work correctly. I have to get to aout 35% throttle before they start moving. Random motors will get hot. I have very bad vibration that happen. The quad flies but the behavior of the thing is very unpredictable and erratic. after the flight sometimes 2 motors are hot…sometimes only 1 is hot…sometimes 3 will be hot but never 4 at least not yet. Vibrations are so bad sometimes the main led on the pixhawk looks like it is under water… And yes my props are balanced and CG is correct on the pairs.

I have Blheli flashed to my esc’s. I have demag compensation turned up to high and also increased the timing to medium high due to stutter in the motor. After changing those 2 settings they do not stutter anymore.

At this point I am going to buy a different motor. I cannot send these back due to the fact that I have already used them and shortend motor leads, So I will keep trying until the new motors get here. I am going with a 5008 330kv for the new motors.