Question about mission planner and tower app

I want to make a question about mission planner and tower app working together at the same time

I have a hexa with 3.3.3 firmware

I have a tellemetry unit that can support bluetooth and usb connection

I have try at the ground (not flying)and connect the mission planner with tellemetry with usb and i have connect also tower app with bluetooth

They work ok at the same time when its on the ground but will it make any problem when its on the air?

Not sure I understood, but on the air you wanted to connect both a smartphone (w/ tower) and a laptop (w/ mission planner) using bluetooth? I don’t think that will work

If you have a regular 433MHz radio telemetry link then you can connect the laptop using that link and the smartphone through bluetooth; however, I think the bluetooth link should have a pretty limited range so be careful

Well its connected

What i did

I take from tellemetry 433mhz tx and rx and 5 volt and ground and i connect a hc06 bluetooth

So the ground tellemetry has now bluetooth and usb

I connect the tellenetry 433mhz to pc and from tablet i connect through bluetooth

They connect and has the same values but i m afraid to to take off. …