Question about how to obtain MAVLink log (Reference values)

Hello, all.

As far as I know, ArduCopter also supports vehicle’s state logs via MAVLink (not SD card).
Out of them, I want to get not only vehicle’s sensor measurement values but also references
(r(t) = reference and x(t) = sensor measurement where e(t) = r(t) - x(t) )
Some of them can be obtained. However, I could not get all of reference values. (e.g., roll, pitch reference values are logged. However, position, velocity reference values are not logged via MAVLink).

In the MAVLink message definition (I am not sure whether it is a standard even for ArduCopter), I found that there is some definition for reference (e.g., POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED in the link )
However, I couldn’t find its data in the MAVLink log.

Is there a way to get such all of reference values? especially w/o source code modification?

Thank you