Question about GPS on PX4

I’m relatively new to all of this, Picked up a Pixhawk PX4 set on amazon but when I go into mission planner or Qground control the GPS module is not being detected. Is there a setting I need to change I’ve been looking thru the docs and cant really find the answer. It came with a NEO-M8N GPS. Any and all help will be appreciated.

It should work right out of the box, What firmware is loaded or did you load?
Do you have a link for the one you bought?

here’s the one I picked up from amazon. the mission planner wizard loaded the firmware automatically so I’m assuming its the latest version on the pixhawk I can check after work.

Are you seeing no connection, or no GPS lock? If no GPS lock you might want to give some time when you try again, also get it outside if possible, A first time cold GPS boot can take a while, I’ve had some that took >20 minutes to get a first lock.

it’s not showing up as being connected, When i do the live calibration its only allowing me to do the internal compass and in Qground control it shows internal compass active, compass 2 - none, compass 3 - none. I’m wondering if I got a bum gps mod or if I set up the wizard in mission planner in-correctly.

Strange. What firmware version does MP show?

it’s the newest version available i’m not at home right now so don’t remember the actual build number but I know it was the newest version as of three days ago.

I’d be checking the cabling and making sure everything is plugged in correctly.

Thanks, Grant.

This is how it’s plugged in. From right to left we have red, yellow, green, blank, black on the gps plug on the 12C plug I have blank, orange, white, blank.

Whats the firmware version you are using? If you look at the messages tab in MP are you seeing it detect the GPS for a moment at all or is it never even printing a detection message?

i think i might of just figured it out. the pixhawk gps takes a 6 pin connector correct? this gps module only has 5 pins hope i didn’t damage the pixhawk, it plugged right in no problem.

Well, that sure would explain it. Hard to understand how it could have been shipped like that, looks like you got a GPS wired for old APMs.

GPS pinout on “original” Pixhawk board is +5V, TX, RX, CAN TX, CAN RX, GND
with CAN TX and RX unused, so you’ll need a different cable or have to rewire with a six pin connector since you need the first 3 pins and the last one… See also

If you have a six pin connector it’s also possible (a bit tricky) to reroute the (4) wires with an XActo knife by lifting each tab of the original connector, pulling on the wires, and re-inserting in new connector.

It’s unlikely you damaged the board given just the position shift.

Thank you, yeah from what what I’ve been reading today I got an apm gps with my pixhawk. I have a wired 6pin connector at the house thats not being used so I’ll swipe that connector and rewire it tonight. Thanks again, -Jas

Got a photo of the GPS?

On one of my Rover’s I have Red, Yellow, Green, Blank, Blank, Black. You didn’t mention the black wire which is earth. If you don’t have that your going to have a problem. The plug into the compass seems ok.

Thanks, Grant.

hey , i have the same gps you purchased and i am having same problem… what did you do to get GPS running ?