Question about Flight Controller PLacement

Working on my new Tarot 810 frame and I am struggling with the FC placement.

If I use the plates for mounting the FC, it is off center by a bit.

Would this be ok? Or should I build a CF bridge to keep the Flight Controller directly in the middle.

I have a Tarot Octo on which I setup the FC in the same place and on the other side use a Solo IMX6 board for control/telemetry/video and RFD900 radio for long range telemetry.

It flies really well, in fact, rock solid.

I know the purists chant “centre mount” but I have honestly not detected any change from a centre mounted FC.

Trying to upload a pic but this page won’t let me upload a 1.2Mb jpeg as too big.

Low res:

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You can mount the flight controller at the end of one of the arms so long as you set the sensor offset parameters appropriately.

I have the same frame and actually ended up going with the bridge on standoffs option just to get everything to fit and hide some of the wiring mess.


Thanks Mike, That’s what I was hoping for

That bridge is exactly what I was planning on doing. How did you handle the ESC mounting. I am not a fan of the aluminum motor mounts that came with the 810. I ended up ordering the following so I would be better able to mount my ESCs

This is how I am trying to get mine mounted (like on my X8)

Check out and set _POS parameters for offsets… For perfection

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I ended up mounting the esc’s on the bottom with a cover plate on stand offs.

That looks very nice!!

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Serpac 172I case from Digikey. Hobbywing XRotor Pro ESCs in the arms. @iampete’s plate is simpler and easier to implement, and what I started with on the Tarot “T” style frames.

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This is a variation on a T960 with the ESCs mounted below the case.

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That’s pretty different. Hadn’t thought of that