Question about features?


I have a beginner questions :

Why we don’t find in APM Rover all the features present in copter and plane (except the features specific at each vehicule of course), like by example FS_BATTERY_VOLTAGE, etc… ?

The code programmation is different ?

Nobody have an idea ?


The reason is that rover has less people and developper using it so less feature for now.
If you want some specific feature first you can say it, I will try to implement them but some are difficult as the rover isn’t moving in 3D like copter.


Thank you for your reply.

At the functional level, actually rover does not work in 3D but APM Rover on other vectors like boats and others … and it might be worth having a number of features present with APM Copter.

I am used to using APM Copter and I am a little frustrated that APM Rover does not have as many features.

After, I understand, actually if there are fewer developers than it is more complicated.


I you need some features present on copter that are missing, you can always raise an issue on github, we will try to add it if possible !

I will post a message on GitHub.

Thank you for your help !