Question about automatic mission (circle, region of interest)

Do you know, when we use " circle" or a straight path with a region of interest (or even “follow me”) if that control the gimbal (connected to the flight controller through pwm, s-bus or mavlink) too : tilt and/or pan ?
If yes, does that can work without using mavlink (between the gimbal and the FC) ?
and when we use a straight path can we add 2 region of interest and the gimbal look at the beginning at the first RIO then slowly turns up to the second ROI ?
Thank you

Yes you can use the ROI in all modes.
Yes, you can control it via mavlink.
No you canot move slowly from one ROI to another. But … you can move fast from one to another.

ok, just a last question : can we control it without mavlink (sbus or pwm) ?
thank you

Yes, of course on the low level PWM is available, and sbus should also be there.

thank you :slight_smile:
i asked that because i want to replicate the solo’s smartshots without using an imx6 and a solo controller, and i think the features of tower are close enough to smartshots for me and my purposes
(few things are missing/could be better (for example a path for the ROI that the camera follow slowly from one point to another) but i’m don’t know how to code so i will make a request on the github)
thank you again