Question about APM (beginner)

Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english, im Spanish. I want to build a autonomous boat using apm 2.6. I want to but this kit:

Mi question is if i necesary have to use a RC transmitter and receiver for making the autonomous boat. I dont need, because i want to use for 100% autonomous missions in mission planner. If something goes wrong, i have a kayak to catch. Can i make the boat without a rc emitter and receiver? With the telemetry.

Thanks for reading! I repeat that i am a very begginer in this, also in rc system… And also is my first post in this forum. I wish someone reply me :slight_smile:

You can use telemetry only, but you’d need conventional RC for setup and testing at least.

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Moreover, you can ride without a control line at all.
But rc link is required for testing.
You can initially set Auto mode, put mission and have fully automatic vehicle.

I wouldn’t get that package, this one is the same price with a pixhawk instead.

Same price? One is 48€ and the one you tell me 78€.

Okey, thank you very much!

As I know APM is no more suppoted by ardupilot.
Please be aware of this.

Although a lot of us have old APM’s still flying and functional you will find few people that can help you with problems.
It’s been so long since I setup an APM that I would have refer to the docs to do it.

With the newer 32 bit controllers you can run the latest firmware with the latest features.
And your forum questions would be relevant and read by many.

So yes, it is a bit more expensive, but worth it in the long run.

When I click your link the APM is $54 or $70 with telemetry, on my link the Pixhawk is $60 or $69 with telemetry. So standalone is $6 more or with telemetry is $1 less for much newer hardware (I included GPS with all).