Question about Ampers Current

Hello to everybody

I have 2 copters
One with apm 2.8 3.2.1 and one with pixhawk 3.3.2

I use power distribution board that has a power module installed and i use volrage and current and other for show me the voltage and current

At the apm 2.8 i have configure the Amperes per volt and i have the current and the used mahs at my tower app and at my minimosd as you see at the picture

At pixhawk i have configured the amperes per volt but it dosent show me the current and the used mahs , it only show me the voltage

Is there any parametr at SR_1 OR SR_2 that i need to change to have this show to me??

And if its easy for someone what is the stock SR_1 SR_2 PARAMETRS for mavlink ???

Thank you for your time