Question about Aileron Differential

I’m using ArduPlane 3.8.3 and a Navio2 flight controller.

I set up my Taranis (OpenTX 2.2.1) to send aileron commands to the right and left ailerons on channels 1 and 7 respectively. I programmed the transmitter to make more up aileron than down aileron as per the usual convention.

In ArduPlane I configured SERVO1_FUNCTION = 4 (aileron) and SERVO7_FUNCTION also as 4. When the ailerons are controlled through Arduplane and the FC, channels 1 and 7 travel the full throw in both directions. Even though the transmitter is sending differential inputs, the FC is outputting the maximum values in both directions.

I was able to reduce the downward throws by reducing the downward PWM values on both ailerons in the SERVO1_MIN/MAX and SERVO7_MIN/MAX parameters.

Is this the correct way to do this? It does not seem right and I am likely missing something.



Not 100% sure the right way but after setting the Tx’s PWM’s then when you do a radio calibration the FC should record the differing upper and lower values for SERVO1_MIN/MAX and SERVO7_MIN/MAX. You’ve set the values manually which should achieve the same thing.

Thanks Graham,

I decided after taking in all of the kind and informative advice here and in other forums that I would follow the approach in which we keep the transmitter configuration simple, and have the flight controller do the fancy stuff.

I sent full throws from the transmitter and reduced the downward aileron throws in ArduPlane’s SERVO1 and SERVO7_MIN/MAX values.

Thanks all,