Quadra copter likes to fly its self

I have a apm 2.5
with on board gyro, baro, and mag
I also have a gps.

I am a total noob. But I have done as much searching as I can figure to do.

I think I have all auto pilot options turned off/fail safes.

I fly my coptor for a while and it works great, but after a while it starts flying by its self 93% through the log.
This time it just went strait up to 15 m then hovered. (I have had some issues with GPS so I dont fly by that yet) I disarmed the copter(from the base station) and it fell from 15m.

Why does it fly its self when all auto pilot settings are off (I think)? Whats happening?

Thanks for any help.

The only thing I can think of is that you are using a wrong MODE setting
please refer to the manual to set the mode in nothing else than STABALIZE mode
In for example Loiter mode, the copter might respond to your control sticks but also might go “it’s own way”

You claim you are not using GPS.
If not using GPS, the copter will not just rize to 15m, but will also drift away with the wind.
I guess that although you think you are not using GPS, in fact you are.

Connect the APM via USB or radio link/USB and connect
In setup, check your radio switches setting and see if indeed you are using STABALIZE as your mode.
This is the ONLY mode to start flying in.

good luck, OctoFly_Hilversum

Thanks for the reply. But that’s why I am confused all modes are set to stabilize.

All fail safes are unchecked but it is set to enable always land. should that be disabled?

Not true as of 3.1!

So as others suspected it’s a throttle failsafe (aka radio failsafe) so your transmitter and receiver probably lost contact, this pulled the throttle below 975 and AC switched into RTL.

Sorry, forgot to include the graph. So this shows the throttle in red and the flight mode in blue. You can see it switches to flight mode 6 which is the magic number for RTL.
github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … nes.h#L137