QuadPlane Wobble at take-off

Hello. I’m encountering yet another obstacle with QuadPlane. At initial take-off (while in Qstabilize) the plane begins to progressively wobble and does not allow to lift and hover. The wobble becomes so violent that I have to immediately turn off throttle completely. Is anyone out there experiencing the same? I imagine it’s a tuning thing but how is this accomplished in QuadPlane? Any basic parameters I should be filling out to at least get be airborne?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

I would suggest maybe flashing quad code onto the airframe and get a basic tune out of her and transfer the pids over when completed.

Is there a vibration issue?
Any video of this wobble?
ESC calibrated?
Props balanced?

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Thank you for your assistance and input. I fear the problems may be more rooted than simple PID’s. I’m going to try different ESC’s and motors just to make sure. Currently I am using E-flite 60a brushless ESC’s. However, given E-flite has their own way of programming the ESC’s, I am unable to perform the calibration method through the normal means required by Ardupilot. Moreover, I am noticing one of the motors not properly operating while in Qstabilize mode. Yet, if I’m directly connected to the rc receiver, I am able to provide throttle perfectly. Lastly, I am using the new Pixhawk 2.1 flight controller. It’s been suggested to test with a previous Pixhawk to see if the problem persists. Obviously I welcome your input if something comes to mind.

check the frame orientation u are using and accordingly check the q_frame_class and accordingly motor numbering and direction