Quadplane with 4 motors

Is it possible to configure arduplane on pixhawk to to work like on this “nasa bixler” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7QNbU71lsA&t=202s

quad plane on only 4 changing position engines…

Tilt rotor support is experimental and as a consequence not well documented atm.

However I would suggest to use a forward motor like in normal quadplane as this is significantly more efficient, easier to construct, lighter and you can optimise your forward motor and prop for forward cruise speed. The Bixler already has a forward motor mount which makes it easy.

The problem with tiltrotors without variable pitch props is that they are a compromise between large low pitch props for lift in hover, and small high pitch props for forward flight. Also quad assist, weather-vaning and forward motor assist for position hold in wind are features that give the QP platform superior flight control. For a Bixler you can also use tiny 250 race quad components on 6" props, and even mount them in a H quad layout (tail and nose mounted quad booms) to give you better drag and structural performance.