Quadplane vertical motors not spinning

I am prepping for a Quadplane standard setup. In QStabalize mode the 4 vertical motors do not spin with throttle.

Flight Controller: Pixhawk Cube Orange
MP 1.3.71 build 1.3.7451 Arduplane V4.0.5
ESC FlyColor BLHELI32 (DSHOT not configured)
Model Mini Skyhunter
q_enabled 1
q_frame_class 1
q_frame_type 1
servo5_function 33
servo6_function 34
servo7_function 35
servo8_function 36

In Setup / Motor Test / Test all in sequence - motors spin in sequence Green bars move in Servo Output
In Setup / Motor Test / Test all motors - motors NOT spin - Command denied by Autopilot (when I click OK, one motor spins) Green bars have no movements in Servo Output.

It does not look like a hardware or ESC calibration issue as everything else is working. Same issue when ESCs were replaced. Pusher motor works in FBWA. Anyone who had this problem before please enlighten me thanks.