Quadplane transition to FW loses too much alt

Can anyone explain how to adjust transition parameters going from quad to FW? It seems to lose more altitude than it should. Not sure if the time should be extended or if the target tilt should be adjusted. It has plenty of power and speeds up very quickly. It looses almost 10 meters during the transition. Thanks

You have to tune the plane mode. Untuned planes (at lest the ones I worked with) tend to loose alt during transition.

Are you referring to standard auto-tune of the fixed wing mode? I have done that but will prob do it again. Right now I am leaning towards the Q_TRANSITION_MS being too long at 5s. It meets the transition angle and target airspeed quickly but seems “stuck” waiting for the Q_TRANSITION_MS to run out. Thanks This is a tailsitter quadplane with no control surfaces fwi.