Quadplane transition failed(timed out), where is airspeed estimate?

Both IAS (which was too high, if anything) and GS, was well over 15
Still - the transition was never completed.
This might be a bug related to ARSPD_USE=0 (ARSPD_AUTOCAL was on, as I knew the IAS was too high)

So the question is: did some internal AS never get high enough (where is it logged?)
or: did AP fail to use any other source to trigger the completion of the transition?
It appears that automatic transition is INOP with ARSPD_USE=0

@tridge - may I please have your opinion about this?

Synthetic airspeed never reached the threshold.

@iampete Thank you. (I failed to look for the AS in CTUN)
This makes perfect sense, given the strong headwind.
If we chose to launch/turn perpendicular to the wind - then it would have transitioned.

the GS was climbing before being >20m/s (the threshold) for several seconds, while the IAS at the same time stopped increasing, and started to drop.

Do you have any idea why this happened? Did AP “think” it was flying with tailwind? - why did not the total acceleration count (enough)?

I’d expect the estimated AS to continue to increase after 600s too.