Quadplane Slowly flipping over in QSTABILIZE

Trying to takeoff in QSTABILIZE mode with my quadplane, but each time it flips over depending on the initial tilt. So I’m thinking that the auto-correction may be backwards because of the way it flips and because the ailerons/elevator correct the opposite way when the plane is moved.
The confusing part is that elevator input is backwards in stabilization, yet the correct direction with controller input, but aileron input is backwards for both stabilized and controller.
Whats the best way to approach this? Am I correct in my assumption or is there some alternative problem I’m not addressing? How should I go about reversing the correction direction?

Board: Matek H743 Mini

Hi Warren,

Use the Plane Configuration section of the Wiki to help set up your vehicle. Go step-by-step and pay close attention to the Radio Control Calibration page. You may need to reverse the channel on your transmitter if the bar graph goes the wrong way or you may need to reverse the compensation checkbox if the flight controller makes the control surface go the wrong way.

Pay close attention to the motor mapping, direction of rotation, and prop installation.

Good luck!

Hey Greg, I got it working finally, just had to do some remapping.