QuadPlane Q Assist 4.0.9

Hello, I am using an A Tail VTOL quadplane. (Arduplane 4.0.9, Pixhawk Cube Orange, Mission planner 1.3.79)
I want to create my own custom Action buttons, For doing many types of actions, For example:

  1. While grid missions with a potential of causing damage, The ability to configure a button that will lead the plane to a safe area to land/crush (at emergency situation…).
  2. A button that will activate/disable the Q_Assist function (Instead of going to the Full Params List).
  3. “Engine Cut” - When I notice an engine cut (RPM = -1) this button will glide the plane down and the Q_Assist will trigger as usual at 50 m above the ground…

Thats it for now, But the potential of this is huge…

Is someone has some experience with it? Ill be glade to hear,

Or alternatively lead me to something similar that can fit my needs with few changes…

Thanks Alot!

Best Regards,