QuadPlane Precision Landing

Has anyone tried using the IR Lock Sensor or some type of precision landing system for a QuadPlane setup? I’ve seen our community use precision landing sensors with copter. However, with the increased interest in Vtol-fixed wings I would like the precision landing capability. This would be ideal for long distance delivery systems.

I would appreciate anyone’s feedback on this. Thank you

Hi Alex,

I have tried the Optical Flow setup on a Tarot 650 copter and was not happy with the results. There is a thread about it on the Developers forum.

I feel that the current M8N GPS system does a very good job for landing accuracy within 2-5 feet. That being said, the newer RTK GPS Receiver will be what you are looking for. Search the APM Wiki for “RTK”. Today, you need a rather deep hobby budget to play with the RTK GPS Receiver but for commercial use it is very acceptable. I’m waiting for the prices to drop. :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg for your feedback. Have you had an opportunity to try optical flow on quadplane? I’m curious if it will even work; is it just a copter function?

I would love to see precision landing added to quadplane. As far as I know it shouldn’t be too difficult as the plane would be copter mode during landing, so would be able to use AC_PrecLand. It’s a requirement for the next outback/UAV Challenge, so I’ve no doubt it will come sooner rather than later.


I’m not sure if Optical Flow is in Plane yet but RTK is [URL=“http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-reach-rtk-receiver.html?highlight=rtk”]here[/URL] so it will likely benefit the QuadPlane soon.

As for precision landing a QuadPlane, an M8N GPS is good enough for me. Note the take-off and landing postions of my Bix3 QuadPlane below.

@GregCovey Precision Landing is a really useful system for various reasons:

  • GPS isn’t available or unreliable (covers lots of scenarios - I live in a forest on the side of a hill where GPS is super unreliable)
  • You need really good precision, like for landing exactly on a platform or pad
  • Landing on a moving platform, eg. a boat (what I originally developed my system for)
  • As in the UAV Challenge, if you’re landing somewhere unknown
    etc etc, so it’s a valid requirement for some.

Here’s a couple of vids showing reliable landing to within a couple of cm, from my vision_landing (https://github.com/fnoop/vision_landing):


Good examples, thanks!

It will be interesting to see the cost of the Infrared Vision Landing Systems.

@fnoop that’s what I would love to see incorporated in QuadPlane already. So I take it there’s nothing really in place yet as far as precision landing in QuadPlane other than gps.

RTK, check out EMLID reach system great price and plenty of support! We currently have 5 of their reaches and the RS base station just came in, have achieved cm landing accuracy with them, but like the fella above mentioned it all depends on the reliability of your gps, nice thing with rtk is your base station should be setup in an area where it does receive good gps, then that is piped directly into mission planner for cm accurate navigation.

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How would you go about adapting AC_Precland for quadplane? I’m currently trying to adapt it but I’ve only been successful in transferring the inertial navigation library which it uses. Is there anybody succeed on that.

Thank you on advance.


I’m also interested to see this. We’re having problems with planning auto landing due to changing wind conditions and a precision landing by means of a beacon would solve all problems. I’ve posted this request last week, but no reply at all.

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@anon94298870 I am interested to know the Emlid Reach Gps system compared with the M8P system. Gps is very critical, and I also really need precision landing for Vtol. Do you think Emlid Reach system is better choice? Just want to know your experience. Thank you.

Did you get any progress I need exactly the same thing that you mentioned here.

Did you get any progress I need exactly the same thing that you mentioned here.