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Quadplane pitch direction

(Barry Bolton) #1

Just a quick question.

Took my quadplane for a quick maiden flight and noticed that in Qhover the mode 2 pitch is backwards so pressing up on the radio moves the plane backwards and visa versa.

Just want to know what I have to set the radio direction to. Do I reverse the pitch on the radio and in the Qplane software?

(Tony Atma) #2

Hi Barry,
I have same problem with you. I still don’t know what the problem is. Did you try to change mode to FBWA? Please let me know if you have any progress to solve this problem. But my quadplane is very stable in Loiter mode.

(Tony Atma) #3

I appreciate very much if Tridge or others can give some suggestions to solve this problem.
Thank you.

(Barry Bolton) #4

I guess we jsut need to play around :slight_smile:

(Juan Felipe Villegas Echeverri) #5


Í have the same problem as well, if the pitch is inverted then the elevador is also inverted so the plane will down the nose when it should be moved up

(Marthinus) #6

Hi Barry,

Did you find a solution to the problem as I have the same problem?

Have a good day!