Quadplane not disarming after landing with MIS_OPTIONS = 2


I performed the same mission five times to check the land performance of my VTOL and noticed that the aircraft didn’t disarm just after the second land (It took 20 seconds in some flights to disarm). It changed the mode to RTL:

The mission profile:

You can see more than one “Land Complete” message in all logs and messages attached. Obs: after the first “Land Complete” message, the motors spined as idle.

On flights 3 and 5, the aircraft threatened to take off again—the reason for the Event: DATA_MOTORS_EMERGENCY_STOPPED.

The logs and messages:

Is there any reason for this behaviour? How may I avoid it and the aircraft disarm after finishing the mission?

hey @IgorSoares
Try with this params
LAND_DISARMDELAY 8s ( Default 20s ).

or You can add in mission planning command DO_AUX_FUNCTION = disarm ( If you are using 4.2 then use setme 153 | 0 or if you are using 4.1 use setme 41 | 0), after VTOL_LAND command.

Thank you.

I added the DO_AUX_FUNCTION and now it is working.

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