QuadPlane "No Mode Changed Guided" message


I am flying a QuadPlane successfully with Mission Planner v1.3.46, Pixhawk and ArduPlane v3.7.1. All manual and Auto modes are fine, but when I give “Fly to Here” or “Fly to Here Alt” command from MP, “No mode changed Guided” message appears and the aircraft does not change to GUIDED mode, while flying an AUTO mission.

I have checked almost every parameters and still empty-handed.

Any suggestions.
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when you try it, are you in a quad mode or a plane mode?

Thanks for the reply Michael,

In simulation “Guided Mode” with “Fly to Here” or “Fly to Here Alt” works fine. Quadplane behaves as expected.

In my flights I gave “Fly to Here” commands while QuadPlane hovers in an AUTO mission with “LOITER_TIME” command, thus the aircraft was in quad mode. Next time i will try to give “Fly to Here” command while the aircraft is in plane mode in AUTO mission.

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