QuadPlane Motors Not Working - SOLVED!

Hi everyone. I’m a relatively new user to ArduPilot. I’m in the process of building a quadplane. I have all configured and am able to arm successfully. Regular throttle on channel 3 arms my esc and works flawlessly. However, in Qstabilize mode I am unable to arm the ESCs/motors. It seems channel 5-8 (channels required for quadplane) is not being turned on (only channel 3). I’m certain it is just a silly setting somewhere that has stalled my progress. The hardware I am using is as follows: E-flite 60A pro esc, E-flite 770kv 32 outrunner, pixhawk 2.1.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone out there can please assist. Thank you.

Just SOLVED it! Because I am using the E-flight 60A brushless ESC’s, I needed to go into the Q_M_PWM_TYPE parameter and set it to 3 (Brushed16kHz). See link for reference: http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/parameters.html
There are also additional types to choose from that matches your ESC’s (e.g. one-shot, etc)