Quadplane motor spin at the same speed when speed up there are some motor spin lower

I’ve calibrate ESC motor with quadplane

When arm 4 motor spin at the same speed but I speed up there are some motor speed slow down?
Is this normal or this esc calibrate not successful

What condition are you testing this? If it’s on the bench using the transmitter it’s meaningless. Use Mission Planners Motor Test.

Thank you
I use RC transmitter speed motor up and motor automatic speed up itself

That is not a valid test so there is likely no issue or problem. Use Mission Planners Motor Test function and if the motors respond properly move on.

When use mission planner to test seem motor spin at same speed
But why sit on bench use transmitter speed motor up seem motor speed up automatic with not the same speed

That question has been answered countless times. Use forum search for “bench testing motors”.

Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:
You mean if I put on prop it’ll work perfectly right ?