Quadplane - height gain during VTOL to FW transition


Would anyone be able to help me out with this one?
This occurred in one of our flights where we conducted a transition from Q_Loiter to Cruise. Started at 86m but then the quadplane gained 40m before sharply descending.

Here is the log file - Log00000140



You might be better served changing the category to VTOL Plane. In the meantime, @GregCovey might be able to chime in.

Good luck.

It looks like the Quadplane is doing exactly what you told it to do. Your airspeed min setting is 20 m/s, which is where the transition completed.


You need to let go of the sticks before CRUISE/FBWB modes start controlling the plane. Here is your stick input to the flight controller below. I would read about the CRUISE and FBWB modes in the WiKi.

Thanks very much for your input :grinning:

much appreciated!