Quadplane from quadcopter parts

Hi y’all new here and have been planning a quadplane VTOL build for a while from parts from an old damaged quadcopter

The quadcopter: blade chroma (will update with motor specs)

I am planning on reusing the motors and camera
Also if possible the GPS module

Sort of new to quadplanes and what fuselage to use and whatnot

I also would (if possible) carry a 1.3 lb camera instead of my yuneec cgo3+

From experience, the short answer is Yes, to a certain extent. Some considerations to think about:

  • The motors probably do not have the standard mounting bolt pattern so you’ll have to custom make one.
  • You’ll probably have to get different ESCs that you can calibrate and use in a Pixhawk.
  • My guess is you might be able to get away with up to no more than 2000g maximum takeoff weight.
  • The CGO3 is about 197g so your 1.3lb/ 590g camera will be included in the max takeoff weight.
  • Something like the Mini Skyhunter might fit the bill.

Good luck.

The motors are 780 kv
And have the standard bolt mounting pattern