Quadplane Flaps support

Hello, has anyone tried flaps support in Quadplane?
I have built Nimbus VTOL with extended wings, with separated flaps and ailerons on each wing.
I wanted flaps functionality in fixed-wing mode.
unfortunately although I can configure flaps (with Servonfunction, Flap_in_channel) or Differential Spoiler, I cannot get this to work.
Differential Spoiler reacts to aileron commands properly (using both flap and aileron servo), but no input from flap in channel, the same for flaps.
Only thing I can use is Flapperon for controlling both ailerons with Flap_in input, and only way to use both ailerons and flaps output is use servo passthrough for flap servos and mix it in transmitter. Of course I loose automatic flaps functionality and I waste 2 channels…
any ideas? Is it bug in Quadplane?
When I disable QuadPlane, everything works properly.

Thank you for your suggestions


Do you have a picture of your setup? Trying to do something similar and wasn’t sure how others were setting it up.