Quadplane firmware

Hi all,

I have a custom build of arduplane ready to go, but its just arduplane. I plane to send use it on my Quadplane, but was wondering if the copter functionality would work (Q_enable) even though I did not include it when I compiled the code. And if it does would it just pull what it needs from the master git, or would it use my custom libraries?

Or is there someway to compile plane and copter code at the same time? The board im using is a CubeBlack.

It’s impossible to know without seeing the changes you’ve made to the source code.

Hi James,

Here are the edits I made a suggested by Tridge: QuadPlane( 2 front motor tilt)transition yaw swing

I edited the motor matrix as described in the post by tridge. Then compiled it in the plane format. Would this still allow me to turn on Qenable=1, or does Copter firmware need to be present too, I would assume it does, and if so would I just run another compile in the same directory?

Example of what I’m suggesting:

./waf configure --board CubeBlack
./waf plane

./waf clean

./waf configure --board CubeBlack
./waf copter

Comments suggest I should be fine as the plane code includes VTOL configurations, but I just wanted to make sure.


If the Q_ENABLE param is there is will work. ./waf plane includes quadplane

Awesome thank you for the clarification Peter!

Hi Imran,
Would you be willing to share that custom build?
Did you have any success with the yaw issue in X config?