Quadplane failsafe options

So I’m concerned about my quadplane going into failsafe while in multicopter (MC) mode because unless it’s within the QRTL radius of home it will immediately try to transition into plane potentially wrecking havoc as I’m doing an auto remote landing, away from “home”, near the ground (where I am also most likely to lose telem/RC) and this thing trys to turn back into a plane at like 3 feet off the deck.

Is there a way to make this safer? Like separate responses if in MC mode (standard climb to alt kind of thing) vs plane mode (circle rtl etc). I looked at using the AFS modes to do this but didn’t really see a way. Jumping to a vtol_takeoff command seems good, until you realize that in plane mode this isn’t just ignored (like maybe it should be?), and will cause the plane to de-transition, before climbing and re-transitioning thereby making that a relatively unsafe option as well.