QuadPlane ESC signal for prop pitch control


I am working on a quadplane with variable pitch props, using the Plane image. As I know, the HeliQuad feature of the Copter image is not available in the Plane. So I am planning to use the ESC signals of the quadplane support to control the prop pitch servos. What is your opinion? Can it work?


The concept sounds cool but I don’t think is practical. Personally, I espouse the K.I.S.S. System. A variable pitch prop just adds another link to fail, so to speak. Consider this, since with VTOL you don’t need to consider your ROG (roll on ground) performance, you can “over prop” your FW motor to optimize it for cruise speed. As an example, in my RVJet Conversion, I used an APC 13x8E prop on the 35xx 910kV pusher motor. I probably could’ve gone to a 13x10E since the motor didn’t run more that 60% throttle to maintain cruise airspeed. Food for thought…

Good luck.

Hi rollys,

My props are driven by one petrol engine. Their RPM is the same, so there is not other way to control the plane. The best would be the HeliQuad support, but maybe the ESC signal is useable as well. I have an additional self programmed Teensy controller after the PH, so I tune the 4 ESC outputs to rescale them to the 4 different servo ranges. However I am not sure this theory will work at all.


any luck or progress with variable pitch propellers on a plane? im interested in this as well