Quadplane, DO NOT USE 3.7!

Had major issues in transition from qloiter to fbwa and back, use 3.6 !
Will post logs soon.

This is the third report of transition issues with 3.7.

I’ve done the upgrade but I’m too scared to fly now. Think I will go back to 3.6, which is a shame because I did some hover tests with weather vane and forward motor assist and that look promising.

@tridge, can you take a look into this please? These are the 2 other posts with transition issues:



I met three times at auto takeoff mission yesterday—when ARSPD_FBW_MIN is reached —》at first the nose up to 30~40deg—》airspeed descend because of drag —》 quadmotors run again—》airspeed rise up and good transfer to fixwing mode.

the last fly I added a waypoint( LAT long ALT=Vtol take off ALT30m ) before the second one ( “loiter to alt280”),it seens better but i don’t think the issues are fixed。nose up 20deg and pitch down,good transfer to fixwing。 because the Alt (38m)was higher than waypoint2alt(30m) when TRANSITION done.