QuadPlane cannot maintain a steady hover

I am running into an issue with my quadplane that I have been trying to solve for months.

The quad plane is able to take off and hover, however, after a minute or so, it loses lift and sinks to the ground. It is unable to produce enough lift after this to take off. Even after restarting, it is unable to takeoff. When I check the battery, it is over 70 percent every time.

I am using a 5000mAh 4s 65-130C lipo battery (Bolt). All the escs, motor, pdb, etc are compatible. I have spoken to several experts on the issue and we haven’t been able to figure it out. Multiple batteries, escs, and motors have been tested.

Does anyone have an idea how this might be fixed or why this might be happening.

Thank you!

why not post a log and the aircraft specs

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The log would help as mentioned. Simply check the battery voltage in the hover, batteries voltage can recover very well even 30 secs after landing seemingly showing a high percentage (not a good way to measure batteries) whereas in reality they can’t hold the voltage under load.