QuadPlane: AUTO VTOL climb suddenly stops

This is in AUTO mode, QuadPlane X8 config. The first command of my mission is a DO_VTOL_TAKEOFF at 75m.

What I observe is the vehicle starting to climb and then at 15m or so above it just stops climbing and stays there stationary. This doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it works and it goes all the way up as commanded. When it does show this problem, it will pause for an undetermined amount of time, sometimes seconds sometimes up to a minute. During this instance (see log file), it paused for 5 seconds and then started going back down. At which point I manually took over in QSTABILIZE.

What I noticed strange in the logs is QTUN.DAlt actually commanding the vehicle to stop climbing. Any idea why that is?

DF log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0lcuv5ihlm786i/42.BIN?dl=0

@peterbarker @tridge

Windy conditions (20km/h), but the vehicle should be able to handle.


Hello friend. Did you solve this problem. I’m dealing with this problem