QuadPlane and Parachute

Hi all.
On my a little larger VTOL I have a parachute as an additional safety feature.

My Questions, if someone, please.

  1. In QuadPlane (SERVOx_FUNCTION, 27), when the chute is deployed, are really ALL motors will be stopped (VTOL motors + plane motor)?

  2. Is there any other way for parachute deployment (as copter fw, crash detect…) except these :
    b.) Auto, on mission (Command “DO PARACHUTE”).
    c.) Failsafe (FS_LONG_ACTN,3).
    …For instance, if power issues/loss or if VTOL motor(s) fail(s) and so.

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I also found this on Git:

Hello bovi

How are you?
I have a small tricopter and I would like to install one parachute.
I am facing the same questions. Have you figured out?
Any updates?

Thanks in advance,