Quadplane always yaw spin clockwise

I’m having a problem with my quadplane. My quadplane always spinning clockwise when taking off. I already changed my ESCs, Pixhawk, Power Distribution Board. This problem occurred after my plane crashed when doing QAUTOTUNE. I have also reset all parameters, reflashed my firmware, and calibrating my compass and accelerometers repeatedly. On the Mission Planner, there’s a “Unhealthy AHRS”, “Bad AHRS”, and EKF red & yellow. Here’s my log:


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  • It’s hard to tell from the video but I would remove the props and run a straight across both front and rear motors to make sure that they are level with each other. And then, if possible, check if the motors from front to rear are also level with each other. You can maybe use two even height blocks tall enough to clear the straight edge over the wing.
  • If you haven’t yet, calibrate the ESCs individually and directly from the Rx to make sure all of them are set with the correct end points.
  • Again, hard to say from the video but it almost looked the front right motor was twisting slight to the right as power as being applied. Just confirm the your boom isn’t twisting from its mount.

Good luck.

Hello Pramudita
were you able to resolve this issue as we have the same issue happening to us…