Quadplane all of a sudden ESC shutdown!

Anyone that might be able to review, i would highly appreciate it.
This is the log 2024-06-25 09-32-19.bin - pCloud
I was on Qloiter and yes i know i had loaded the Quicktune but i never had it enable.
My issue is that even though i had it in the air, about 1.5m height and activated the quicktune switch, until i figured out if it was active or not, i heard the esc beeping and the whole thing came down.
Im reviewing my self but i would like a set of fresh eyes to tell me if they found anything.
Hobbywing 65a 4 in 1 esc for the Vtol with emax proseries 2808 1100 kv and props 8Χ3.7Χ3
Matek h743 wing v3 fc and for the forward flight 51amp lumenier esc along with a brother hobby 2816 620kb
6s3p liion samsung 21700-50s 5000

By looking at your flight log,I think it might be your esc overheat protection .I have the same situation ,add cooling fan to solve.

This is not a long-term solution, it is recommended to reduce the load of the vtol motor or upgrade the power

Already checking the Temp protection, but its wierd because a few days earlier it flew without an issue.
Thanx anyway